Almond Milk Drink


  • 1 Cup Almonds
  • 4½ Cups Water



Preparation time – 20 minutes



for 100g

45 kcal
0,9g Proteins
2,2g Fats
5,4g Carbohydrates


Put the almonds the night before preparation to soak with water. If there is no more time, give them at least 3 hours. After they are soaked through with water they can be dried up and are now ready for preparing the drink.

Once the almonds are dried you can put them into a blender and add the water.
Blend the almonds with water for 3 to 4 minutes until the water obtains a white color and all almonds are all blended into small pieces. The drink turns frothy and milky.

Now, we need a container on which we put a fine sieve or optional a piece of fabric with which the liquid can be separated from the solid part of the almond-water mix. The solid part that has been separated should not be thrown away since these leftovers can be used for delicious cookies, bread or also eaten with cereal.

After the almond milk has been passed through a sieve it is now finished. You can drink it in a pure form or you can also use it to make some shakes, in which you add some fruits which you like. Vanilla, sugar or also some dried fruits can be added.

Drink the milk within 4 days and keep it cooled.


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